A plan for Idaho's future


Building a brighter future

for our children and grandchildren

Investing in Education

safeguarding your


holding government accountable

Putting high-quality local schools, colleges, and universities at the top of our agenda.

Creating opportunities and improving incomes so hard-working adults can prosper.

Working hard to guarantee that our state government is looking out for the best interests of all Idahoans.

Protecting quality

of life

ensuring security

for seniors

defending your


Ensuring every Idahoan has access to quality healthcare. Keeping communities safe and protecting our public lands.

Advancing lifelong independence for our aging Idahoans by giving them the resources to age at home.

Protecting the constitutional rights of every Idahoan.

Creating Opportunity:
a plan for idaho's future

Idaho’s future relies on strong communities where businesses and workers create a thriving and expanding economy that support their families and livelihoods. We deserve high-quality schools that provide kids and young adults with the best possible education programs that prepare them for a better quality of life.


Creating this future requires personal accountability and hard work—and we know Idahoans are willing to work hard for their families’ futures. This year, Idaho’s Democratic Legislators are working hard to remove barriers that stand between Idahoans and their personal economic security.


A modern economy should have a level playing field that allows everyone who’s willing to work hard and take responsibility for themselves to have an opportunity to succeed.


This means making college and vocational education opportunities more affordable and accessible. It also means making sure public schools have the funding they deserve.

This means that business and workers are free to operate and compete in a fair and just marketplace. People who work hard and play by the rules should always have an opportunity to succeed.


We believe in common-sense solutions that improve our quality of life and hold government more accountable for how it uses your tax dollars. As we work together to lay a foundation for strong communities and high-quality schools, we will listen to any and all proposals that could make our state a better place to live, work and raise a family.


To that end, we offer Creating Opportunity—an outline of our principles and legislative goals to help every Idahoan prosper—especially our next generation. We hope you’ll join us in working to achieve these goals.


Michelle Stennett

Senate Democratic Leader

House Democratic Leader


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